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Install TriggerWarning

TriggerWarning is available for free on Google Chrome. The button below will redirect you to the installation page in the App Store.

Install TriggerWarning


Welcome to TriggerWarning! This handy extension for your browser is designed to help make your social media a little safer by altering posts which contain words and phrases that you might find triggering. While it cannot prevent exposure to all triggering content, we are continuously striving to improve the service to help users like you.

What TriggerWarning will do

  • Allows you to select potential triggers from a list of terms.
  • Replaces those terms with safer alternatives, highlighting those changed terms in a colour of your choice.
  • Allows you to add an additional trigger unique to you.
  • Do everything we can to listen and adapt to your needs (you are the reason why we built this after all).
  • Notify you (by taking you to the TriggerWarning page on our site) EVERY time we make an update. Ongoing consent will always be informed.


What TriggerWarning cannot do yet

  • Modify any sites other than Twitter. We are are currently working on extending this tool to and will share this update as soon as it is available.
  • Identify or replace images of triggering content. Extensive community collaboration will be required to build this functionality.
  • Allow you to create and share your custom categories. This data could be used to improve the accuracy and experience for other users by creating new categories and refining existing ones, but will only be collected once a process of individual informed consent has been designed.
  • Be 100% accurate (we’re still in Beta)


What TriggerWarning will never do

  • Block or deny you access to any content, ever (on a case by case basis, you can always consent to seeing obscured content).
  • Ever acquire or store any information about you without your informed consent.
  • Work within a the social media app itself – this plug-in will only work through your Chrome browser.


We, as activists and active citizens, are persistantly exposed to potentially triggering content on our social media feeds.

The real-world implication of resultant trauma or anxiety should not be underestimated, but avoiding conversations about the very issues we care deeply about is unacceptably disempowering.

As an Open Source project curated by CitizenDialogueCentre, TriggerWarning gives individual users better control over how they experience triggering content in their social media feeds.

TriggerWarning will never block or deny you access to any content, in any conversation. Instead, this tool will obscure any post containing the words or phrases you have identified as potentially triggering, provide information on why the post has been obscured and wait for your informed consent to display it.

Our hope is that this will empower more people to participate more frequently in the essential dialogue about the difficult issues we face.


As a 100% open source project, we do look to our community for support. If you’re in the helping mood, there are four ways in which you can add value to this project:

  1. Feedback

    Every decision we take is driven by community feedback. Without feedback, we’re just a bunch of weirdos running around in the dark. If there is ANYTHING that you think we might want or need to know, PLEASE email us on or send us a Tweet (@cdc_engage)

  2. Reach

    Discussions about with ptsd and emotional triggers are often constrained and influenced by the associated social stigma and as such, many individuals experience this in silence and isolation.
    If you are in a position to share this tool (quietly or publicly) with others, please do so – break the silence and empower others to have a safer social media experience.

  3. Expand

    We would like as much user input as possible to develop relevant new categories of triggering content. Please share your thoughts with us on social, email us on or complete a feature request on Github itself.

  4. Code

    Whatever your level of code proficiency, there is a way you can contribute a few spare cycles to tech solutions for social good. See github: