Citizen Dialogue Centre | Media Relations
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Media Relations

Despite our deliberate online approach, we acknowledge the power of traditional media, especially in a country where two thirds of the country access public radio and television and almost 1 in 5 pay for satellite tv. As such, we assist our partners and clients to access and engage with traditional media to extend the reach of campaigns and engagements. Traditional media can have a central role in propagating a message to the broader public. Through strategic sharing and partnership with traditional media, we seek to enhance the efficacy and reach of our online efforts. This is done through Data Journalism, Campaign/organisational interviews and Public Activations – all looking to extend both the reach and impact of a campaign’s messaging.

In most cases Media Relations pivots around three main components:

  • Data Journalism:
    • Often the insights gained through our research and dialogue process – especially the surprising, tantalizing and concrete statistics and insights – are valuable to many media houses. As a result of our messaging being guided by our research, the opportunity exists to not only provide useful information to journalists, but to also generate media coverage focusing attention on your campaign.
  • Organisation or Campaign related interviews:
    • Interviews broadcast on radio or television are a mechanism through which we can not only introduce dialogue aimed at ethnic and racial prejudice, but also set the tone of that dialogue. Opportunities for campaign anchors, spokespeople, researchers and board members to discuss the campaign, our findings and our processes are usually generated through our Data Journalism relationships. We aim to use these relationships to create opportunities for community members to tell their personal stories and share their learnings.
  • Public Activations:
    • Although Social Experiment Activations are primarily designed for online distribution, using traditional media to amplify these events – and other events which may arise from Cluster Activist activities – will lend not only credibility but also allow us to reach individuals who are not active on social media with a vibrant snapshot of our campaign.

Through a strategic execution of Media Relations we can help partners and clients bring, small siloed conversations that are taking place into the mainstream consciousness, lending far more attention and interest from the general public – ultimately enhancing our collective capacity for meaningful dialogue.