Citizen Dialogue Centre | How We Work
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How We Work

Programmatic Social Media Interventions

Programmatic Social Media Interventions are the result of the intrinsic partnership between the Citizen Research Centre and the Citizen Dialogue Centre and represents the apex of our work.

This 8 phase process is designed to encompass all the elements required to execute a targeted and informed advocacy campaign – data collection, research and analysis, campaign strategy creation and execution with supporting material and technology, as well as ongoing measurement and evaluation.

Media Relations

Despite our deliberate online approach, we acknowledge the power of traditional media in propagating a message to the broader public. As such, we assist our partners and clients to access and engage with traditional media to extend the reach of campaigns and engagements. Through strategic sharing and partnership with traditional media, we seek to enhance the efficacy and reach of our online efforts. This is done through Data Journalism, Campaign/organisational interviews and Public Activations – all looking to extend both the reach and impact of a campaign’s messaging.