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Proof of Concepts

Imagine…you know about this really cool thing.

This really cool thing has the capability to do as many cool things as you could possibly imagine, you just need to know how to ask


That would be really really cool, right?

Like a genie in a lamp, the open-source community is primed to grant the wishes of those who rub them the right way.

The Citizen Dialogue Centre team understand this power and we want to prove to others that they too can harness it to improve quality-of-life for themselves and their communities.

As technologies spring up all around us to solve problems we possibly didn’t even know we had, it is quite easy to think that  “If there isn’t already a solution, it must be a bad idea or I’m the only one who thinks this is a problem” OR “If it’s a good idea, someone is already working on it.”


Our daily experiences are so rich and diverse that it would be impossible to have already identified and addressed all the opportunities for technological innovation.

Added to this, is the very real truth of capitalism – what makes a profit, gets done.

It is, therefore, illogical to expect industry and the private sector to invest in technology which could improve lives but is unlikely to be profitable.

It is, however, also completely unacceptable to discount the value that these tiny technological innovations could bring to an individual or their community.

A True Story

While working on a social media project, one of our collaborators mentioned that their phobia for a specific animal sometimes prevents them from opening, engaging or even just scrolling through Twitter – out of fear of accidentally being triggered.

This got us thinking… there has got to be an easy hack.

And so, a day or to later, triggerWarning said hello to the world.

This got us thinking even more…there has got to be countless opportunities, like this one, where we could use open-source technology and involve the open-source community, to make life a little easier and more productive.

Our idea is to identify some of these opportunities and to curate a minimal-viable-product (MVP) to directly address each – as a proof that it can be done through community participation alone, without capital investment or profit motive

Share your concept or opportunity with us.

Have you spotted an opportunity where a little bit of innovative tech thinking could make a real impact on someone’s daily life?

Have you identified a random roadblock, which repeatedly costs you time or energy, that may have an easy tech fix?

Get in touch with us – we would love to chat to you about your idea.