Citizen Dialogue Centre | Influencers
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Influencers are Active Citizens who have established credibility and can influence the thoughts and actions of others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

Individual social media contributors are identified as Influencers based on a combination of two criteria – firstly, their involvement (either on- or offline) in the current conversation related to our current projects and the causes we work in; secondly, their ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others, due to follower numbers, community ties, fanbase, dedicated listeners, social status etc.

In order to amplify the messaging and ensure sustainable engagements, topic influencers are identified and engaged with an invitation to participate in our campaign. Depending on the desired level of involvement from each Influencer, they may act as Advisors, Active Citizens, Dialogue Activists or vocal supporters who use their influence and knowledge to further our advocacy efforts and increase informed dialogue.

These individuals are given insight into our campaign as well as relevant information pertaining to the role we envision they could play. This is a consultative, relationship building process which allows each Influencer to contribute where they can and allows them the freedom to become as involved as they are motivated to be.

These relationships are maintained on an individual basis and as such may strategically evolve throughout the campaign. Influencers are given access to all our media content and public reports and are supported in efforts to highlight our campaigns, and to promote informed, constructive dialogue.