Citizen Dialogue Centre | Advisory Partners
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Advisory Partners

Individuals who are already skilled and knowledgeable in the subject matter of one or more of our campaigns or projects, and who actively participate on social media from this position of expertise

These individuals may be medical and mental health professionals, historians, legal professionals, human rights experts, social workers, and others who can contribute to the dialogue in a direct and expertly informed manner.

Our relationships with these Subject Matter Experts are individualised and dynamic, with trade of information and learning being paramount. These individuals are already actively contributing to the online dialogue, meaning that reciprocal sharing and tagging between CDC and Subject Matter Experts will enrich the entire conversation.

Beyond this simple information sharing and learning approach, Subject Matter Experts can contribute more directly to our campaign by joining our support network. Involvement in this support network is voluntary and may include assistance and guidance on campaign messaging, as a real time standby for conversations picked up by our monitoring team where an informed voice would be beneficial, or direct support for community members requiring assistance with personal or interpersonal issues.