Citizen Dialogue Centre | Dialogue Facilitators
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Dialogue Facilitators

Our in-house Dialogue Facilitators are the cornerstone of our mediation process.

Their overarching purpose is to promote and mediate a dynamic transformation in the understanding of, and engagement with, the issues of ethnic & racial prejudice.

These individuals are paid employees of the Citizen Dialogue Centre and are trained in social conflict management and mediation.  Some of their key responsibilities include the digestion of insight from CRC, the development of engagement strategies and the ongoing implementation

and adjustment of the strategy. They are also responsible for content curation and distribution through the various social media platforms and accounts.

Community building is the core purpose of our Dialogue Facilitators. To this end they will seek out and engage with peer oriented Active Citizens, offering them access to resources, education, support and connection. Dialogue Facilitators build and maintain relationships with Dialogue Activist, connecting them to relevant conversations, providing guidance where required and communicating campaign messaging effectively.   

Individual Write Up required.