Citizen Dialogue Centre | Citizen Research Centre
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Citizen Research Centre

In 2017 the Citizen Dialogue Centre was registered and incorporated by six board members – three of whom are the original founders of a for-profit organisation called Citizen Research Centre.

In the interest of transparency, we would like to clearly explain the intrinsic link between these two organisations.

The Citizen Research Centre (CRC) functions as a research and analytics service provider to those who wish to use data to promote a better, more just, open and engaged society.

CRC was started in 2015 as a response to the widening gap between the sophistication of social media analytics being employed to manipulate through marketing, and the analytical capabilities of the public sector, including the public themselves.

As CRC started working on projects tackling social and socio-economic issues alongside various partners, clients and donors, it became apparent that the amazing work and dedication of these individuals and their organisations was being drown out by the 21st century.

The dramatic shift in the way we communicate has created a pressing and global problem, a problem which is hampering our ability to affect sustainable progress.

Digital communication, specifically social media, has exposed a shortcoming of geographical culture norms.

In the age of anonymity and free speech, we do not have a universal basic standard for what acceptable dialogue should look like.

The CRC team spent more time and energy investigating the possible implications of idea and were soon convinced of two things:

  • Effective, Informed, and Empowered Dialogue is , and is a learnable skill
  • This project needed a life of it’s own, completely unconstrained by profit motive .

And thus, with the help of so many people along the way, and the dedication of 3 brilliant new board members, Citizen Dialogue Centre was registered and incorporated in May 2017.