Citizen Dialogue Centre | Values Statement
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Values Statement

We believe that by exposing our values for public scrutiny we have the opportunity to lead by example and to be held accountable by those we hope to empower. These values are enshrined in our code of conduct, and guide our words and actions.


– We acknowledge the urgent need to address – bravely and humbly – all forms of historical and societal oppression and discrimination, in order to be effective participants in the quest for fairness and equality.

Active Citizenship

– We believe Active Citizens who are empowered and informed about their rights, and protect these as diligently as they fulfill their associated responsibilities, form the backbone of a healthy community.

Compassionate Respect

– Treating others with compassion and respect requires vulnerability and authenticity, but is essential in all engagement which seeks trust and understanding.

Knowledge is Power

– Knowledge empowers us to improve our lives and the lives of those around us – it motivates critical thought and conscientious decision making. We are driven to disseminate accurate, relevant information and to work to ensure access for all who seek knowledge.


– Dialogue, free from manipulation, requires fundamental transparency and we strive to be as open and forthcoming with any and all information relating to our projects, motives and agendas.


– Our actions and perspectives are guided by an open eagerness to learn, as a means of empowering ourselves and those in our communities.


– Our work explores topics which are emotionally loaded and culturally sensitive, involving the lived experiences of millions of individual humans. We are all human. Because of this, we acknowledge that we will make mistakes. When we do, we will apologise, we will listen to those who were affected, and we will learn through self reflection, to ensure we do better.