Citizen Dialogue Centre | What We Believe
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What We Believe

Citizen Dialogue Centre harnesses the power of technology and social media to identify, empower and unite the voices of citizens who are committed to making their communities healthier, safer and more engaged.

We are inspired by the courage of active citizens who speak up with compassion, reach out with understanding and believe that human connection and dialogue can heal our societal wounds.

Voluntary digital dialogue activists initiate, as well as mediate and inform existing online dialogue across multiple platforms, with the aim of increasing informed dialogue focussed on socio-economic issues identified by ourselves or our carefully curated clients and partners.

We use ground breaking social media approaches, supported by our sister organisation Citizen Research Centre, to create bespoke advocacy and engagement campaigns for our clients. Campaign Strategy development, tailored platform development capabilities, access to our network of Dialogue Activists and Active Citizens and embedded, comprehensive M&E services ensure a powerful, transparent and transformative approach to active citizenry and dialogue.

We believe that our continued efforts, supported by like minded individuals and organisations, will empower us to facilitate a form of thematic and geographical Cluster Activism – connecting citizens and communities, both on and offline.