Citizen Dialogue Centre | Creating Dialogue for Social Change
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About Us

Citizen Dialogue Centre harnesses the power of technology and social media to identify, empower and unite the voices of citizens who are committed to making their communities healthier, safer and more engaged.

We are inspired by the courage of active citizens who speak up with compassion, reach out with understanding and believe that human connection and dialogue can heal our societal wounds.

Our digital dialogue facilitators initiate, as well as mediate and inform existing online dialogue across multiple platforms, with the aim of increasing informed dialogue focussed on socio-economic issues identified by ourselves or our carefully curated clients and partners.

We use ground breaking social media approaches, supported by our sister organisation Citizen Research Centre, to create bespoke advocacy and engagement campaigns for our clients. Campaign Strategy development, coupled with tailored platform development capabilities, access to our network of Dialogue Activists and Active Citizens as well as world-class M&E services ensure that we can offer transparent empowerment.

We believe that our continued efforts, supported by like minded individuals and organisations, will empower us to facilitate a form of Cluster Activism with the promise of connecting communities both online and offline

Citizen Dialogue Centre is a registered NPO in South Africa (Reg. Num. 2017 / 232838 / 08)

What is public social media:

A space where society (2.95 billion by 2020) meets and converse. Imagine in a tearoom, coffee shop, bar, park, street, bus, plane, train where people talk privately to the next person or publicly to all who listen. Public social media is a virtual space where all the public conversations in all tearooms, coffee shops, bars….. happen, it is a single space where all conversations are public and what’s more the virtual identities, words and images uttered in this space are indelible. It is in this crucible where humanity is getting to know itself. Thus far it has been both a delight and a shocking and bewildering experience illuminating what lurks in our collective darkness. Its has also been quickly exploited to serve greed, fear and loathing. Conversely it also offers us the opportunity for unprecedented learning, understanding and massive psychological healing. We can find each other like never before.

Our Approach – Community first:

We challenge citizen activists to network with like minded citizen activists on social media – to skillful engage detractors, to grow and mature the conversation in their field of concern.

Social media users who meet seemingly oppositional, hateful and harmful dialogue too often resort to either a similar responses inflaming emotions or dejected apathy, both reinforcing the same type of interaction that has offended them and often sadly shutting down the conversation. The opportunity for growing understanding and thinking lost. Dialogue when used skillfully does exactly the opposite.

Our aim at CDC is to assist and support voluntary social media dialogue activist with techniques, skills and information in areas of their own social concern.

We aim to identify and inter-mesh-network dialogue activist thematically in the virtual space as well as geographically to bring about physical organization that can impact (intervene) dialogically locally.

We aim to lobby citizen activists to purposefully explore outside their bubbles and to actively seek out diverse conversations to grow understanding so that tolerance in enhanced.

We aim to use social media to complement and strengthen the prediction of public violence and to use the linkages (meshwork) to enable early dialogical interventions.

We aim with Citizen Research Centre to build analytical instruments and platform to achieve the above.

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Programmatic Social Media Interventions

Programmatic Social Media Interventions are the result of the intrinsic partnership between the Citizen Research Centre and the Citizen Dialogue Centre and represents the apex of our work.

Digital Advocacy for Social Change

Through our community of volunteer of dialogue activist and with our trained Dialogue Facilitators we engage in direct advocacy as the mouthpiece for the communications and engagement strategy.

Media Relations

We assist our partners and clients to access and engage with traditional media to extend the reach of campaigns and engagements.